Thursday, November 10, 2011

National Sport: Something Bigger.

Nov. 17th kicks off the World Trampoline Competition in Birmingham.
While every competition serves to be exciting, we can all get excited about how this upcoming weekend will be the LONDON 2012 qualifiers.

Participants will be competing in individual, synchronized and double mini trampoline as well as tumbling, both for men and women.

There is just something about the Olympics that provides a feeling of pride. A journey beginning with every athlete representing every nation working through years of training and pushing towards a common goal. While we enjoy their athleticism, we recognize that it represents much more than themselves but their entire nations and we give recognition to distinguished skill, hard work and determination.

I have always loved the way the strength of sport has been shown historically, increasing country morale and providing hope and pride for its citizens in times of need. From the 1980 Olympic Hockey team winning gold at the Olympics, to the 1995 South African Rugby World Cup, nations have been strengthened by sport.

This all to say, what can we expect from these athletes, their determination and the upcoming Olympic Games.

What can these athletes expect from the fans, supporting them, taking a personal interest in their actions and comparing them to their lives, their struggles etc...

Sport is something we can all learn something from.

FIG is the vessel that harnesses the art that is gymnastic sport.
I challenge all readers, to see what they can learn from these athletes, their hardships and their push for excellence.
I myself will be following Jason Burnett.
Getting in touch with the athletes is as simple as getting in touch with FIG.a

By: Anthony D’Urbano

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