Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jumping for Joy or Leaping for Gold?

Trampolines and their consequential thrill have been attributed to heaps of fun through the simple human motor skill of jumping for at least thousands of years. This definitely surpasses any enjoyment caused by thumb twiddling or counting sheep, but on a competitive level, is their really anything to be

On November 17th, at the 2011 Birmingham TRA World Championships, we will see the best the world has to offer in Jumping, YES, Jumping!
These men and women can jump higher, faster and with more twisty turny thingamabobs than anyone you probably know.
Don't try this stuff at home,
Okay, but seriously, I have never seen anything quite like this. The speed and the precision of the jumps is incredible. This upcoming competition has 411 gymnasts registered, setting a participation record and so it demands for some viewer participation as well.

The beauty of this sport is the freedom; the amount of time spent in the air greatly surpasses anytime on the trampoline and the room for error with such a bouncy surface is huge, making the discipline all the more exciting.
Now I know the HABS are winning but honestly, what better to JUMP start your day than a little Trampoline ACTION! Jason Burnett, Canadian born, ranked 20th in the world in trampoline, should be incentive enough to get your fill.
This YouTube video I found is Jason dropping 10 triples, crazy.
The FIG, always keeps you well informed on all the details with regards to incredible performances by incredible gymnasts. So stay tuned and stay informed by joining them on these social media channels.
Remember, the higher you jump, the less you should eat beforehand.
Anthony D'Urbano

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